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Endophilin B is required for the Drosophila oocyte

Drosophila Endophilin B (D-EndoB), a member of the endophilin family, is required for yolk endocytosis as it regulates membrane dynamics in developing egg chambers. Loss of D-EndoB leads to yolk content reduction, similar to that seen in yolkless mutants, and also causes poor fecundity

An Enigmatic structure : CTP synthase filaments.

Drosophila ovaries can form CTP synthase filaments naturally. There are two kinds macro cytoophidia in germ cells and micro cytoophidia in follicle cells. In our lab we have found that Cbl, an E3 ligase, can regulate the cytoophidia in follicle cells. 

Imaging in vivo cell migration: 

ADI1, a methionine salvage pathway enzyme, is required for Drosophila fecundity.

MTA cycle plays a crucial role in Drosophila fecundity using the mutant of aci-reductone dioxygenase 1 (DADI1), an enzyme in the MTA cycle.  Expressing human ADI1 can rescue the defect in DADI1 mutant Drosophila.

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